Relatable for supplier consolidation

Optimize to maximize

The Relatable Business Intelligence Platform gives you the ability to analyze your current supplier mix and provides recommendations to help you achieve supplier optimization. Thanks to our ability to automate medical device cross-referencing down to the individual product, you can see every potential conversion opportunity available for each supplier - optimizing your time and maximizing facility profitability.

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The Relatable
consolidation approach


Less is more

Knowing how to identify and replace redundant suppliers for exact products gives you the insight to approach creative contracting strategies, such as enhanced discounts or rebates tied to volume.


Magnify the facts

Help surgeons maintain awareness of the medical devices most relevant to their practice and quantify the financial impact of supplier consolidation if volume or compliance thresholds are achieved.


Measure and manage

Once your consolidation goals and pricing contracts are in place, our platform provides you a sustainable method to track your performance and communicate results to suppliers regularly - so you can continually reap the rewards of consolidation.

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We give you the tools needed to get the job done



Product Data Catalog (PDC)


Product Comparison Tables



Analytics Leading to Action (ALTA)



Guided Purchase Solution (GPS)

Benefits of consolidation

  • Higher supplier market share drives lower prices
  • Fewer supplier meetings
  • Reduced clinical variation
  • Fewer purchase order submissions
  • Enhanced facility and staff efficiency

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